Dan Schneider

When professionalism combines with solid talent and a mature vision, you get a remarkable musician like Neil Taylor and a sensitive, sincere, and rocking single like his anthemic piece, “We All Hurt Inside.”

My mind has been occupied for a while now with the notion that all of humanity is in pain. No matter how happy or satisfied some are, there’s a part of them that aches. The fittingly titled single, “We Are All Inside,” captures all the thoughts and feelings that have been imprisoning my mind and frees them with a fiery sound and a killer performance. It’s a universal anthem that brilliantly conveys the current state of any individual at any point on the globe because who’re we kidding? We All Hurt Inside.

I believe that the darkest times can be portrayed in a touching, exquisite manner when they’re crafted by a genuine, artistic mind. Neil Taylor wrote the song in a third of an hour based on his personal experience with anxiety. Just like that!! It only takes being vulnerable and willing to poke your own wounds, as well as astonishing musicianship.

“We All Hurt Inside” is a pure bliss of Rock that gets your internal cuts salted yet solaced. It has the fine rock era’s spirit, but also, it aligns well with the present. Starting from the intro, you know instantly that you’re about to listen to something epic.

Neil Taylor delivers a poignant, powerful vocal performance and emotionally provoking, flaming riffs with an enchanting solo. He makes you feel understood and what you sense is valid, and in case you’ve never thought about all of that, he offers you a glass-shattering feel into reality. It’s devastating, but it’s necessary.

The single features Gwenael Damman on bass, Chuck Sabo on drums, and Taylor’s wife and son as the backing vocals. They’ve all pitched in with their passionate performances to result in this infectious, hard-hitting song.

By listening to “We All Hurt Inside,” you’ll take a leap with Neil Taylor into a quality, organic rock sonic soundscape and darker reality.