The process of creating music and art generally could be very challenging if the artist is uninspired or going through unusual circumstances, but for the Shredded Bulbs duo, it was different. They didn’t let the frustration of not being on stage or performing due to the pandemic get to them, instead, they decided to hit the studio and start from scratch, with no thoughts or plan in mind, they started improvising and coming up with ideas, melodies, and elements, which they built on resulting in an aesthetically unique song. 

‘Waterfall’ is the band’s 3rd single release, an upbeat track that falls under the heavy rock category with a combination of sound effects like electronic beats and a distorted guitar sound yet still aesthetically pleasing to the ear and just gives the right amount of intensity. The Austrian duo explains the meaning behind the song, as it represents a relationship and all the positive feelings that come with it towards the partner you love. As they describe “The water always looks for a way, even if there is no obvious way, this is the love that the song describes, the community, the trust that this connection knows no bounds.”

Mike and Soles are eager to go back on stage and perform, as they miss the dynamic of the audience and the thrill of the stage. They’re planning for more live performances and festivals and have no intention of slowing down soon with a new album expected to come out this year, especially with their partner and sound production engineer; Heinz Luschtinez, to support them. 



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