“Water for Osiris” is lengthy, rich, and sophisticated. Filled with mystery and whimsical energy, this over the 9-minute track is raw and unabashed in its celebration of death, love, resurrection, and birth. Borrowing from religious symbolism and spiritual awakening, “Water for Osiris” is a trip to the afterlife the Egyptian way. It borrows from poetry, history, and modern rock music to create an embalm of a song through its hard rock veins. “Water for Osiris” has a dark, albeit tranquil sound that seeps through the cracks of time, haunting listeners and coercing them into entering a world far from their comfort zones.
“Water for Osiris” is a tale of darkness and light, presenting itself as a full-on rock anthem, wrapped in papyrus and using the force of drums, guitar, and smooth vocals to prove that Far From Your Sun’s anonymity is only part of their magic.


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Jaylan Salah