Rebellious Photo

“My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House” is a Philadelphia-based alternative-indie rock trio formed in 2020, marking their return with a cheeky new single, “Wasting Away.” 

It has humorous and, at times, snarky lyrics, and the guitar riffs are infectious. Quite reminiscent of a Blink-182 track. The song, which is in classic punk rock fashion, starting with the chorus, has a distinct vintage ring to it; in fact, if you told me this was recorded in 2003, I would believe you. 

There’s a refreshing sense of satire and humour in the lyrics. Which seems to me to be a scathing indictment of corporate culture’s conformity and how society is constructed around meeting its demands, hence the bleak title “Wasting away.” Additionally, the theme has an uncompromising and refreshing anti-capitalist tone that is uncommon in contemporary music, especially in non-mainstream genres such as alternative rock. 

Overall, it is a song that is both profound conceptually and sonically, with dark lyrics that are contrasted by upbeat, enticing melodies which further create a unique vibe for the track.