Self-made and self-releasing artist Aza Brown returns it’s another retrofitted pop piece that drips with character, loaded with color.

Chesterfield-based Aza Brown is a pop artist who has been self-releasing his music for coming on two years now, with consistently ramping success. His latest endeavor is the stunning ‘Wasting Away’, a piece of essential pop that’s full of jangly guitars, careless summertime abandon, and philosophical lyrics, package in a guise of jumpy 60s pop with a modern twist, which is not a surprise when you learn that Brown was greatly influenced by The Beatles.

‘Wasting Away’ is power pop song that revels in a healthy bit of latin inspiration that shines in things like the brittle overdrive on the rhythm guitar, making the sound sunny, and the rich composition in the characterful harmonic minor. The lyrics reject a lot of modern day’s amenities. Sung about those who succumb to a life indoors, surrounded by soul sucking technology, essentially wasting away in the process. 

With the orchestrated guitars, modulated and dynamic, Brown’s impassioned lyrics and delivery, and the fantastic production, warm, brittle, and rich, ‘Wasting Away’ is a unique listen that’s sure to keep Aza Brown’s upward spiral of success going.