Credit: Jim Louvau

The rocking trio Jane N’ The Jungle hit again with their diverse sound and hook writing on their upcoming single Wasteland that’ll be out on the 19th of May, 2023. Taken off their upcoming EP, Wasteland will leave you looking forward to that EP and checking their previous work. Let me tell you more about it.

Watch “WASTELAND” Music Video

Jane N’ The Jungle announce their return with flowing soft guitar arpeggios and powerful heartfelt vocals right from Wasteland’s intro. They smoothly take us with a cleverly progressing sound that subtly pushes forward into a bigger heavier sound, while the listener is totally hooked by their solid flow and dynamic structure. I loved how the vocals and riffs walk hand in hand completing each other and equally contributing to the song’s dynamics, with each getting their time to shine and be clearly heard, and most importantly being effective to Wasteland’s structure, showing mature writing skills from Jane N’ The Jungle

Wasteland shows a different side of Jane N’ The Jungle’s writing. I felt like they are focusing more on melodies and fluid progressions with a deep emotional side and I totally dig that! It has a solid structure that leads the listener softly and smoothly throughout its seamless progressing sections and leaves him/her satisfied and playing it over and over again. I’m always looking forward to more from Jane N’ The Jungle, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!