Jay Penfold Photography

Artist and singer Ollie Twohill will release his upcoming tragic punk rock song “Washed Away” as part of his solo project on the 24th of February from Australia.

“Washed Away” was written in response to the catastrophic floods that hit Southeast Queensland and the Northern Rivers of New South Wales on Monday 28th February 2022, according to the artist’s press material.

The song captures stories of the people who were tragically disaffected by the catastrophic floods, including many who were moved out of their homes, those who lost their jobs, businesses, and livelihoods, and many who lost all their personal belongings. The grief over so much loss is unimaginable.

Ollie Twohill sings the voice of the victims of the flood with a sad but compassionate emotion on “Washed Away” so much so that it might be them singing it themselves. The artist really put himself in the victims’ position with an inspirational degree of empathy.

We wish for all victims of the flood a safe return to their homes. Our prayers go out to those disaffected, and we hope they find sooner relief for their difficult situation.