Back in 2020 after the pandemic hit, members of the band Toast Matt Smith, Jamie Miller, Ben Gaither, Emily Betz, and guest Becca Drayer decided to keep on playing by the current rules and stay active and do their music virtually. This step made them use BandLab which led to the formation of Intercontinen7al after they were joined by collaborators from the 7 continents through the website. With 2 recorders under their belt, Intercontinen7al are teasing their forthcoming record “Intercontinen7al, Vol. 3” with its lead single “War’s The Noise”, a rocking tune that include collaborations from  Europe, North America, and South America, and to make a change all records proceeds are going to the Ukrainian refugee relief efforts.

Intercontinen7al’s “War’s The Noise” starts with a classic rock ballad intro before it starts building up and evolving into an ideal full rock meal. It starts taking a full groovy form in the 2nd verse after every instrument was properly introduced with mixed melodies in awesome harmony. “War’s The Noise” has a smooth orchestrational progression that kept softly pushing the song dynamics forward until it peaks with crazy shredding solos that end it on a super high note. 

“War’s The Noise” is a well-written and arranged modern rock piece with perfect dynamics and progression with diverse well-known influences. Intercontinen7al’s mix of alternative elements with classic rock and progressive touches showed their creativity and unique sound. Looking forward to “Intercontinen7al, Vol. 3”, cheers!