As they’re working on their sophomore record, Mexican melodic death metal band Sense of Noise dropped the single War Within, a re-recorded song off their 2021 self-titled debut record with their new lineup and a special appearance of Stu Block (Into Eternity, ex-Iced Earth) taking over clean vocals. Mixed by Erik Monsonís Azpíroz and mastered by Tony Lindgren in the Fascination Street Studios in Sweden, War Within will make you dig into Sense of Noise‘s debut looking for more. Let me tell you about it.

Sense of Noise opened War Within with big melodic riffs, promising an extremely energetic headbanger to come. War Within has a balanced sound that shifts between catchy melodies and neck-breaking breakdowns smoothly and seamlessly while maintaining its energy and powerful drive, always pushing towards a bigger and heavier sound as it progresses. Sense of Noise‘s irresistible pounding riffs and multi-layered arrangement created an intense yet entertaining structure, as they shaped the song’s unpredictable ups and downs keeping the listeners hooked and throwing them off the edge of their seats. All topped by the diverse vocal deliveries that perfectly reflected the song’s emotions and aggressiveness. 

War Within shows Sense of Noise‘s writing skills and their well-knowledge of their sound and direction, they cleverly used these skills to create a powerful tune with organic dynamics that fits all heavy metal tastes. Looking forward to more from Sense of Noise, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!