Throughout my listen to Anjalts’s latest single, titled ‘War Is so Primitive’, I was trying to figure out whether I was listening to a political song or not. The question was lost on me though as I sunk deeper into the song’s impeccable groove and steady darkness.

Latest single from New York-based singer and songwriter Anjalts, ‘War Is so Primitive’ comes as one more single from the artist’s anticipated studio album ‘Bluency’. The tastefully dark atmospheres created by Anjalts on ‘War Is so Primitive’ proved immersive and pulling enough to make a compelling piece of music all on their own. 

A song that seeks to establish an alternative path to wisdom other that the violence of war and revolution, ‘War Is so Primitive’ cheats with a steady, militaristic drum marsh and a steady bass groove backing the singer’s harrowing lyrics and ethereal delivery. The musical soundscape created is what I’d call minimal and efficient. Anjalts clearly had a message to deliver, and she chose to not include a ton of musical elements that would only redact from the immediacy of the words. The results are a minimal, potent chord structure, the rock-solid, aforementioned groove, and a few lines of spectral synthpads that make all the difference whenever they are played.

A solid addition to the singles of Bluency, set to release later in the year. ‘War Is so Primitive’ got us ever more excited for the album, and it continues to display Anjalts as a songwriter with a message and a vision, and a bold sound that she is wholly in touch with.