The latest song by Monroe Moon, despite the first impressions that the title gives away, the song portrays a message of peace, love, and the human experience.

“WAR” is a composition made entirely to send a message of the importance to end the war. Leaning on Melodic Pop Rock and Rock ‘n’ Roll genre.

Counting with a very retro backbone, “WAR” brings the groove out of all of us. The lyrics are very inviting, and it doesn’t take long before you find yourself chanting along.

The single is an anti-war anthem written in 2021 about the ongoing military conflict. The message and interpretation are ever more relevant to the current events in Ukraine.

Monroe Moon is an American and English experimental indie-pop band living in Michigan, USA. The band is formed by the duo and couple Bunny Monroe –singer and songwriter, and Fender Rhodes Theo Malkin –playing the guitar. The couple, who are also married, share their lives and passion for music. 

The US-based duo finds inspiration in several artists, such as The Beatles, Ramones, Stone Roses, and Massive Attack.

“WAR” was recorded with two other songs. The three tracks will be released as singles throughout the year.

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Cozmo Electronic music player, saxophone, and visual effects player He wants to do a lot in the field of music and images, music video He worked in many works related to sound and image and how to mix them together to Create cases And the role of peace, confrontation, and free will comes ANU-PEACE It is a character created by Cozmo to simulate speaking, communication, and understanding through music in a psychological and objective manner, It has dimensions whose existence depends on the listener, as it is a journey that takes you in your mind to wherever you want to go And make you feel (and this depends on you as well) to constantly confront yourself to overcome your fears and know yourself in a realistic and true way through your vision of music to feel at peace He comes to you again to take you on a journey with yourself by yourself for yourself Also, he is a character who likes to do a lot and gets bored of routine things and always likes to renew. You can visit me on audio and video platforms where the journey begins from somewhere there There is nothing in life to fear more than ourselves (and this can do a lot)