With influences ranging from modern pop rock to metalcore, the Oregon-based bangers Alamance dropped their latest single Wanderers on the 25th of April, 2023. A song about “the struggles we sometimes feel in facing our truest selves” as described by the band, Wanderers‘ top-notch writing and progression will send it to your “2023 Favorites” playlist. Let me tell you more about it.

Alamance opened Wanderers with a melodic engaging riff and energetic pumping sound, promising an opened heavy experience. Shifting into a calmer verse, they slowly and efficiently start building up toward a big catchy chorus with insane drumming and hooking vocal melody and it doesn’t stop there. Around the 2:15 minute mark, Alamance crown their beautiful flowing progression with a mood-blasting breakdown that sent me off my seat headbanging. They come with full force with an attacking riff, deep bass, brutal boosting vocals, and hard-hitting pounding drums, setting the record’s dynamics to the max and leaving their listeners satisfied before guiding them through a calmer outro.

Listening to Wanderers, Alamance‘s layering and production totally grabbed my attention. Those guys used multiple elements and instruments all in perfect harmony and progression they were all well-heard, exactly making the intended expression, and with such a solid dynamic structure pushed their sound boundaries further than traditional metal borders into a modern sound with relentless grinding that every metalhead looks for. Looking forward to more from Alamance, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!