Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist Filip Dahl started his music career as a guitarist in various Norwegian bands before steering into being a professional sound engineer and producer. All these experiences paid off when he started his solo career where he has been writing, recording, and producing his releases since 2016. Now with 3 records under his belt, Filip Dahl is set to release his 7 tracks EP  “Storyteller” in 2022 and he’s teasing it with the single “Walking Towards Eternity”, a chilling bluesy tune that’ll completely take over your senses, let me tell you how it goes, 

 Filip Dahl’s guitar tone tells much about years of practice and experience, while his progressions say a lot about his musicianship and the seasoned songwriter he is. His melodies speak their own language right from that extremely melodic and emotional intro, it created the perfect mood for the stream of melodies that’s coming next. I loved Dahl’s sense and how he effortlessly lays those beautiful guitar lines without overcomplicating things or showing off, he sounds like he’s just speaking his mind through his guitar, and that change in tone around the 2:30 minutes mark blew my mind, and played a major role in keeping the song’s dynamics fresh and interesting.

“Walking Towards Eternity” is one of those instrumentals that speak loud and clear through solid songwriting and musicianship. It has a unique sound and flow that smoothly carries you through its transitions and dynamics without you even noticing it. It is a lovely tune that made me look forward to Filip Dahl’s upcoming EP Storyteller”, keep on rocking man, cheers!