Alan Dweck’s latest single is loaded full of classy jazz musings, a gently explosive charisma, and an inspirational story to top it all. ‘Walking’ is both entertaining and beautifully crafted.

The Wiltshire-based troubadour Alan Dweck is no stranger to rich mixes or to inspiring lyrics. The songwriter and singer is now returning with the story of Cambodian artist Svay Sareth, who dragged an 80kg ball all across his native country, letting the scratch marks and damage on it be a live demonstration of the damage that war had had on the country, and Alan Dweck’s retelling of the story is tasteful and witty.

Employing a detailed mix full of wonderfully recorded instrumental parts, I am so happy to report that the song sounds absolutely magnificent. From the noises made from the bassist’s fingers’ movement on his fretboard, to the wonderfully chunky, hard panned overdriven guitars, to the calculated reverbs, jazzy chord voicings, and perky harmonic choices, the song is loaded to the brim with nuances that will take multiple listens to fully reveal themselves. Alan’s delivery is endlessly chic and understated, with tasty harmonies to back it.

Alan Dweck is a weighty presence in his local scene, and his influence in only continuing to grow. With ‘Walking’ he returns to prove that he is fully capable of weaving a compelling song that will get you hooked from start to finish. A strong artist with an identity that should not slip from your radar.