The latest track from Modern Metallers Sages is called ‘Walk Away’ and it’s a total headbanging fest. 

The track begins with a djenty stompy riff that will definitely get you off your feet and have you headbanging vigorously. While bass and drum lines feel like a strong gravitational pull with uncompromising heaviness, the guitar’s tone and production forces you to notice the line being played. The moment the vocals enter, I felt a mix of Chino Moreno and Oli Sykes, but as I concentrated on the way he sings, I began noticing how uniquely spectacular he is. The lower part of his register and chest notes convey so much emotion that he doesn’t need to be screaming the entire time, but once he does, it feels like an enormous dragon has been unleashed spewing its flames upon me…his technique is spectacular. 

The chorus goes for a more standardized approach with a chord progression coupled with some ethereal clean vocals, followed by some epic chanting and a chance to listen to the main riff on its own. There is a special bridge section that builds up to a heavy breakdown with high screams and thunderous drums, followed by one final chorus that ends the song with so much power and heavy metal goodness.

In conclusion, this is a hard-hitting track that leaves no boring moments. The verses have something for the listener to enjoy and the chorus is absolutely epic. I recommend it for fans of melodic metalcore and melodic metal in general, you will love it if you’re a fan of Crown The Empire and Ice Nine Kills