Photo Credit: Cris Watkins

I believe the Honeybadger need to re-identify themselves other than being just a punk trio, they are more like an extraordinary RNR masterpiece. Their latest single, ‘Wakka’ is a great proof to say so. Let’s find out why.

In fact, while listening to ‘Wakka’ I didn’t notice that it’s started over again because of how it’s so smooth and catchy, and you have nothing to do but banging!

The Brighton-based three-piece garage punk band Honeybadger was formed in 2014 by brothers Joe and Eddy and friend Luca. The trio is known as a garage punk act however, their music has several hard rock, heavy metal, and punk influences. The song starts with catchy rhythmic guitar riffs along with hard drumming beats that you will easily get fond of from the first second. And when it comes to vocals, I love how the singing style combines strength and smoothness perfectly throughout the track.

While listening to the song I was really amazed by their tightness and how just a trio could deliver as 5 band members sound. When I checked their press info, I knew the reason, why? Of course, they are highly experienced and have been live in many honorable shows including the BBC Introducing, BBC Live Lounge, and Wyatt Wendel’s ‘The New Rock Show’ on Planet Rock.

“actions always speak louder than words” This is what ‘Wakka’ is about, impressive, right? Lead vocalist Eddy also elaborated ‘Although I can see and understand what said person is trying to say, they need to make me believe.’ Honeybadger is aiming to have many releases by the beginning of 2024. Meanwhile, check the ‘Wakka’ below!