David smyth

Remember that night when you said that’s got to be my last drink……5 drinks ago? Well, Australian rockers Annakye made a whole song about that! 

With dual vocalists Lily freeman and Lexi Lou on the front creating the buzz, Joel Matin (drums), Carlos Messina (bass), and Richard Cooper (guitars) are making sure to keep things fast, intense, and what’s most important, enjoyable for their fans as you’ll hear on the 20th of May, 2022 when their upcoming single “Wake Up Wake Up” is out.

“Wake Up Wake Up” is a fast, raw tune with modernized punkish sound and pace, it starts with a blasting rebellious intro and never stops until the very last note. It has an engaging vocal melody aided by Lily and Lexi’s dual vocals and the rest of the guys backing them up at the chorus and believe me, if those guys are crazy enough on stage, that’s going to be a live hit! The structure is pretty straightforward and the riffs are loud and clear and that’s exactly what was needed and the result is, a fun catchy tune that can spread like wildfire among the audience. 

“Wake Up Wake Up” is an engaging song that can appeal to a wide range of audiences with its fun mood and easygoing lyrics. Looking forward for more from Annakye. Cheers guys!