Known for its cosmopolitan nature, gorgeous sunny weather, as well as being one of the biggest hubs of surfing culture around the world, Sydney is no stranger to having a broad spectrum of musicians from a multitude of different genres. The great capital of the state of New South Wales offered the world a versatile range of artists from the mighty AC/DC to fine thrash metallers Mortal Sin. Coming from Western Sydney are the three-piece Rockers Noon Shift who previously released 2 EPs and one single from their forthcoming debut LP entitled “Do it All Again”.

The second single from that LP is entitled “Wake Up”, and it deals with the feeling of being around someone with dementia. The song begins with a pretty melancholic clean guitar that sets the stage for what’s about to come. I was already sensing a lot of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam vibes when an acoustic guitar and deep baritone vocals joined in on the action. The drums and bass slowly accompany the second verse and into the second chorus. 

From a musical standpoint, the song feels so reminiscent of the early 2000s Post-Grunge era when most bands still had the staple 90s grunge influence in their sound but carried it forward with heavier bass lines and drum patterns. And that’s where the beauty of this song lies; its slow-paced build-up and the bridge being followed by full-blown distorted guitars and a more powerful rhythm section. Being slightly predictable couldn’t stop this section from being as climactic and satisfying as it is. I rewound it a couple of times to keep getting these chills down my spine time after time.

As far as the lyrics are concerned though, the true songwriting potential and maturity of these guys shine through. It’s implied in the lyrics that the ill person is not fully there with their loved ones even if their physical presence still lingers. The repeated command to “Wake Up” adds a slight ray of hope over the shroud of melancholy that the rest of this track is. I found this pre-chorus to be specifically beautiful, despite its dark and heavy subject matter:

“So lay down

There’s nothing I can do or I can say now

These plaques have got your head inside a state now

I’m falling to my knees

But I hate to leave, while you’re still with me…” 

This section also serves as the song closer and that made it stuck in my head even more.

Undoubtedly, Noon Shift are one of the most talented bands I’ve ever heard. Every instrument is so intricate and beautifully played and I can’t wait to hear their debut full-length to be further amazed by the range of songwriting and performing abilities these wonderful Aussies have up their sleeve.


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