It always catches my attention how bands or artists come up with their stage names, usually, there’s an interesting story behind it, a funny situation, or something personal but the name “Bandwithoutband” is literal, short, catchy, and to the point. It’s simple yet witty; when you listen to the music, you’d think a whole band is performing but only to find that it’s a one-man band. Marc is not new to the music industry; he has always had an undeniable passion for music since his school days when he used to perform at local rock pubs with his former band. The German single artist was able to catch his audience’s attention with his unique style and undeniable talent, with almost 3K monthly listeners on Spotify from different cities across the US and Europe, with his previous release “When Death Comes” reaching over 23K streams in only a few months. The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist just released his latest and fourth single this year “Wake up” and only in a few days it already reached 5K streams. The metal-oriented song starts with a powerful intro, striking guitar tunes, and an ongoing edgy riff setting the mood for the song, followed by the vocals that sound like an echo or a sound in the back of your head with the line “Nothing gonna bring you down” repeating throughout. A true gem for the ones who appreciate heavy metal and like to broaden their taste to embrace a mix of metal and industrial music.