No one can doubt how it’s a privilege to see more garage bands bring out their music and record it to be played out of the garage scheme.

Hailing from Calgary, Canada the Alternative Country/Folk-Rock band “The Dust CollectorsReleased their new single “Waiting Game” with a rocking raw sound that makes you hear the music just as it was played as if it was played live on stage.

Waiting Game” begins with a sliding electric guitar mellow riff followed by vocals that lay a course for the instruments to jump in and add their influence.

Waiting Game” is about how waiting for something in the same place could kill you slowly while the best is somewhere else and you shouldn’t have waited in the first place. “When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting” could also mean that when you’re waiting, you’re being taken for granted as the other party will find you waiting for them to be ready, but you’re just sitting there waiting while being taken for granted. Just before the mad solo kicks in and rocks the “Waiting Game” breaks down the norm and the boredom in “waiting time” makes the track even more appealing to the eardrum.

The Dust Collectorsenjoy some breathtaking vocals and wonderful melodies lying in the guitars’ riffs and the bass lines that are moduled perfectly along the drumlines. 

If you haven’t heard the track yet, you’re stuck in the “Waiting Game”.