It hasn’t been long since the release with Marquee records for their new debut single. “Wild Celia”, their single, got a catchy tune and called it “Waiting For The Love.” This one is special and hits right through to your soul. Eimile has the most angelic voice I’ve heard in a while which gives you energetic vibes.

The song “Waiting For The Love” offers you the feeling to face your challenges with a brave heart. The song’s words, “Set yourself free, free from the shackles, of somebody, who didn’t want your whole,” are very motivating to move forward and begin your adventure with your head up.

Tommy Edwards the talented guitarist who played the smooth tunes in this song sets the mood for what comes next that will blast your mind off.

With its beautiful soulful music, “Waiting For The Love” is the ideal song to listen to when you need some inspiration to get through the day. This song definitely goes right to my favorites, and I am looking forward to listening to more releases from this inspiring duo.