Ken Stewart

In a sleepless night full of overthinking, Vancouver-based artist Geoff Gibbons came up with his latest single “Waitin’ on A Train”. The track is a mix of Americana, Folk, Country and Blues and leaves nothing to the craving. I was satisfied by the soulful and husky vocals of Mr. Gibbons the moment they began. This dreamy single was released with an accompanying lyric video that had some artsy visuals and helped add to the overall feeling of anticipation carried in the melody and lyrics. As much as the anticipation was there, a familiar and easy-to-follow hook made me wanna sing along. I can only imagine how such a crowd-pleaser of a song will get people screaming those lyrics at the top of their lungs. As far as the guitars go, there was an easy-to-follow arrangement with the infamous slide guitars which are a staple of folky bluesy tunes like this one. With every note of every verse, I could already feel like Geoff Gibbons honed his talents and skillful vocal style, as he can literally play with the melody and make the lyrics come to life. I could see a sold-out Gibbons show at a stadium one day and it still wouldn’t be enough to describe the way his singing hit home for me and put me in a pleasant state of nostalgia.