Broken Romeo’s reputation precedes them, the 4-member band with James Turpin on lead vocals and guitars, Steve Turpin on lead guitar and vocals, Ari Sloane on bass, and Matt Ringnell on drums. The Arizona-based band’s discography dates to 2002 with their 13-track album “Temptation” followed by a 5-song EP in 2004. After a 7-year hiatus, the band released their 3rd album “Desperation Daze” which received huge recognition and in the same year, they were the Tammie winners in the rock category.

 Fast forward to 2021, the band planned a new release “Infirmus Orbis” which was inspired by the political situation, the pandemic, and the instability. Instead, they released 3 remarkable singles “Cobra Woman” which has over 6K streams on Spotify, “Revolution” and “Beautiful Mistake”. Last month, the band dropped their latest release and the first this year, “Wait For Me”, which is the 5th single from their planned album “Infirmus Orbis”. The song tells a story and tackles different problems yet are all related; it dives deep into infidelity, addiction, and a ruined marriage because of them. The song has heavy vocals and an intense guitar line, loud drums with an overall appealing rock sound, and the inevitable head-banging.