Mr. Ferocious, aka Viktor Griffioen, has released his newest single “Wait beneath your window”. Mr. Ferocious is a folk artist hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands backed by Vincent van Wormerdam on Guitars, Kees Van Der Vooren on upright bass and Colin Lineekamp on drums. Mr. Ferocious describes his music as “BlueGrassSteampunkCountryMetal” which he describes as a genre of its own.

Before even listening, my attention was grabbed by the cover art, and i love the color choice which is chaotic but I loved it! As I was listening, I fell in love with the vocals in the song, Mr. Ferocious really nailed the southern accent. Another thing i admired was the steady pace of the song, it was amicable yet dynamic. I love his own play on traditional country/folk music, it really is a special sound.

All in all, I really liked this song, from the vocals, to the instrumental to the lyrics, it just found its spot in my playlist! I’m no country fan but this song might make me change my mind.