UOLA’s psychedelic, heavy-hitting debut album Alouv will be officially released on Friday, May 13th. The Finnish Rocker’s new album is an amalgamation of psychedelic rock, instrumental virtuosity, vocal passion, and poetic lyrics.

Listeners will be captivated by the music which was inspired and awoken by a vision that appeared to the artist, one of peace and passion, harmony and hope, and love and friendship. Many of the singles on the album were influenced by the sounds of greats from the past, like Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, as well as Tom Scholz of Boston. All proceeds of ‘Alouv’ will be donated to the victims of the Ukraine war via UNICEF.

The first single off the album “Under Above Orion Venus Loves” carries the modal weight of Pink Floyd and the melodic rock sensibilities of Led Zeppelin. The song’s themes include the beauty of nature, love and the meaning of life, and the ebb and flow of joy and sorrow. This single includes gorgeous guitar solo work.

The second single off the album Alouv, “Laugh Vivid Often Adore Unity” was dedicated to Vuola’s sister having lost her husband to cancer recently, way too early. It is a spiritual reckoning for Vuola who wrote it under the stars experiencing the transformation of life and hoping all souls will meet again.

Credits: All music, lyrics, instruments & production by Jussi Vuola, V.R. Studio (Sammal, The Grammers, Michael Monroe)

Mixed by Jaime Gomez Arellano, Orgone Studios (Ghost, Opeth, Paradise Lost)

Mastered by Svante Forsbäck, Chartmakers (Rammstein, Volbeat, Entombed)

Source: MTS Management Group





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