Usually, I am not into electronic music, and it’s very rare when some electronic tunes catch me up. To sum it up, Voices of the Night by G.H.T is my favorite electronic industrial album of 2021 so far.

The album features 10 tracks each takes you on a different journey which leads to an experimental industrial journey, that in my opinion was perfectly written and mixed too. G.H.T is a Swedish one-man project band who started his musical journey in the late ’80s and after a long hiatus he getting back with a marvelous three albums, which Voices of the Night is the latest. Along with industrial Candanians, Skinny Puppy had a huge influence on his music, poets as well were a huge inspiration, as Edgar Allan Poe for his debut album Down the Valley of the Shadows, and now his third album was mainly inspired by the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I noticed that G.H.T through his music is trying to deliver a whole experience of visuals with music, he tried through his project to express this using expression around photography and moving images along with the musical elements. And that’s why I believe that it’s the best 2021 industrial album so far. Check it out below and feel the vibes!

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