A strong, violent thrash EP is released by the American band from Pheonix, AZ, Violent Revolution, Damaged Society EP.
Violent Revolution is influenced by bands like S.O.D., EXODUS, D.R.I., SLAYER and The EXPLOITED.

The band is formed of five revolutionary members: George Robb – Bass/Vocals, David Rios – Guitar/Vocals, John Gilleland– Drums, Don Funk – Guitar/Vocals, and Lane Wakeman– Vocals.

They have released their first EP Damaged Society which – in my opinion – needed to be transformed to LP, 5 tracks aren’t enough, people!
Violent Revolution played it professionally, it’s their first debut and they were great actually.

The tracks have that energetic strong theme that would make you want to go and set flames to the corrupted. Especially the first track, which is not actually a track, but a recorded voice of someone who’s really angry with the society! This was very inspirational as it can be used as a voice message to anyone smothering you.

The vocals combined with guitar riffs and drums have given a battle theme to this EP, pure thrash! I felt I was listening to a legendary thrash metal band, not a newly formed one.

One thing I didn’t like about this EP is the quality; the quality of the solos specifically. It felt like a huge noise is playing its note next to the guitar’s ones, but the thing that saved it is that the solos are outstandingly powerful! If the solos were weak, I’m sure that wouldn’t have been this good.

As for the chorus style, it was similar in two or three tracks. They have the same style of vocals and rhythm, as sometimes I thought in ‘All Hail’ they were singing the ‘Damaged’ chorus! It’s confusing, frankly.

However, it’s a great start for Violent Revolution to make these powerful, angry tracks. Any other starting band may wish to reach the same level of madness! Great job rebels.

Written by: Amged Mahmoud
Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie