From the project name, she is “Divine” as she has power in her words, music, and vocals. She has some mystical vibes in her vocals, and it’s just addictive! She is “Acajou” as she is strong and tough., and he’s connected to her center. Listening to “Viens” was like being invited to another galaxy ruled by “divine&acajou” where you may experience authentic beauty that hasn’t alike on earth.

The track opens with bouncy rhythms and soothing vocals. The dynamic melodies shift between slam, chamber, and indie pop. The remarkable cello playing, the gentle moaning, along with the vocals diverting between powerful French lines with slam vibes and the soft English verse was quite divine. The upbeat African-alike tunes make you feel as though you’ve been summoned, and you’ve just got to respond. The whole single is well-produced in a one-of-a-kind way, leaving you wanting more.

The intense, deep vocals make the lyrics come to life and make you feel how sincere D&C and her music are. Putting her feet down, she’s stating to not settle for less and be true to yourself, calling on you to pursue your desires and always have some hope.

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Viola Karmy