This song is so funny, and equally brilliant. Two Man Giant Squid is a Brooklyn-based band who are already into their first album, and an intensive summer tour in its support.

Versechorus is, in their own words, an FU song directed towards an ex-bandmate who complained about how the band’s songs weren’t conventional enough for him to learn probably, and I imagine he’s not feeling very well now. It’s also a charming FU toward those conventional rules themselves. The band’s music is distinctly brash and intense, experimental, and noisy, not many words you’d associate with standard songwriting conventions. Versechorus has, believe it or not, no verses or choruses, which I personally think is hilarious. Instead, it’s a quieter section and more loud one, with singer Mitch Vinokur eternally saying “Versechorus” on top of both, shouting them over the quieter sections, and screaming them over the louder ones. I really can’t put my finger on why this is peak comedy to me. The music, on the other hand, is very solid. The drums are massive, rock-hard, fast-paced, charged, and tight as hell. The bass lays a solid groove that does not relent, and the guitars are meaty and grungy, with delicious tones and crazy-consistent playing. it’s a song that displays immense musicality, despite the comedy, intentional or not.

Two Man Giant Squid is an incredibly solid band. Dynamic performances, break-neck rhythms, tight riffs, and spiteful lyrics are what this song is all about. It’s fun, catchy, full of attitude, and it really delivers the message.