Silent Script is the new album from Veritas and it contains 12 new tracks from the American hard rock/metal band. If you enjoyed the band’s previous works, especially the Threads Of Fatality album, then the new Veritas release guarantees to amaze you! The band themselves are totally thrilled about the final product!


The compositions show progress and maturity. Main composer Greg Wenk has written some of the best heavy/power/progressive songs you will come across this year. His riffs stick in your mind and his lead guitar work is simply magnificent. Denny Anthony’s is a truly gifted vocalist with respect to the legendary rock/metal singers who still appear as an influence. Geno Alberico lays down some of the most clever bass-lines that together with Mark Zonder’s thunderous drumming style take the album’s experience to a whole new level!

The album was mixed by Daryl Bolicek at Wild Horse Recording Studios, Minnesota, USA. Additional background vocals on None Enslaved, Creation Groans and Somniloquy by Greg Wollan.

Silent Script shows the group at their very peak and the response is expected to be huge and establish the band’s name for good among hard rock and heavy metal fans worldwide. Check it out now and be a part of the history!


Tracklist:01.   Limit | 02. Creation Groans | 03. Grind Away | 04. Buried | 05. Unchained | 06. None Enslaved | 07. Betraying Sight | 08. Oxygen | 09. More Than I Can Say | 10. One People | 11. Somniloquy | 12. Modulate


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