This latest release from British artist Antonia Dwyer, Veneno flawlessly bridges the gap between Latin, R&B, and rap unmatched smoothness and endless appeal.

Based in Derby, The United Kingdom, Antonia Dwyer is a 22 year old artist whose heritage is mixed between Spanish, Jamaican, and British, and she uses every ounce of her family history in her music. For her latest release, titled ‘Veneno’ (Spanish for venom), she is accessing her Spanish roots for a Latin flair that comes in form of a delicate acoustic guitar rhythm part that gives the song a particular character, she is also accessing her Jamaican side for the blazing rap section and it’s fragmented flow, while the economical mix and the fantastically punchy production keeps everything very smooth, flowing, and exciting.

‘Veneno’ is a wonderfully put together little piece of R&B with a spicy latin flair and a rap section that makes the song x10 more interesting. Antonia Dwyer is an up and coming artist that you should keep an eye for.