Velvet Insane are a Swedish Rock band. They started in 2013 and since then have already released 2 EPs; they’re also currently midst a world tour.

Their recent EP, titled Breakout of Eden has 3 tracks. Its distinctive sound shows that they are capable of capturing attentions and earning praises.
The first track, which is also the title track, has an intro that does a good job introducing the band. You listen to heavy drums and cool riffs and it’s not long before the vocalist kicks in. I’ve always known Swedish vocalists to have something special and Eriksson is not less special than any I’ve heard before. His vocals strike you with their powerfulness. Add a catchy chorus and a good solo to the mix and you have everything that a good Rock track can have.


Second track, ‘Do You Want Blood?’ impressed me even more. It’s still heavy but with an addition of a pleasant acoustic guitar in the intro and verses. The song is a war anthem and Eriksson’s voice really works with the theme. I have to admit I like the verses more than the chorus but all in all, with the fiery vocals and the energetic instrumental work, the band made another good track, while also creating something relatively different from the opening track.

Third and final track is completely different from its predecessors; it’s a ballad. This one is likable from the first 10 seconds. Eriksson’s vocals soar and they have never sounded better. Not only does he have very powerful vocals, they’re also very emotional and expressive. The guitar work is not less expressive than the vocals; it is in sync with them creating a very melancholic touching sound. One more thing I like is that the bass line is bit clearer here than in the other two tracks.

Velvet Insane are one of the great upcoming Rock bands. They’re heading in the right direction and have all the right components of a successful act. Good instrumental work is accompanied with raw vocals that without adding layers can stand on its own. I enjoyed listening to their EPs more than once. I liked all tracks but my favorite has got to be Frame. I recommend the album to fans of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.


Edited by: NJ Bakr