Releasing his eponymous debut album of original work late last year, Vargen has been the subject of press acclaim for his deeply emotions songwriting abilities. The Swedish singer-songwriter originally began to rise through his interpretation of Bob Dylan’s iconic works. Over the years, however, Reine Johansson, the man behind Vargen, has developed his own, distinctive style.

Vargen’s most recent release is another original exploration through the gleaming folk ballad of ‘CAESAR’. Arranging emotional musicianship through acoustic and electric guitar, rich percussion, electric piano and grooving bass, Vargen creates a bright but vulnerable atmosphere. His vocals tell a narrative inspired by the life of Gaius Julius Caesar, though still investing elements of himself into each phrase. Overall, the gracious ensemble and heartfelt vocal performance is a wondrous easy-listen, though diving a little deeper there is plenty to unpack.

Vargen comments, ”CAESAR tells a story filled with symbolism and introspection and delves into themes of power, betrayal, and self-awareness, exploring the complexities of relationships and personal struggles. I tried to express what could have been going on inside this historical icon of tyranny.”

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