“Marked Since Day 1” clearly knows how to change his skin; his melodies shift with each track, as evidenced by “Black Potpourri,” which features hip-hop vibes, poetic words, and vocals that know how to visualise the lyrics into a cinematic scene. “Cold Again,” on the other hand, has a gloomy feel and addictive rhythms, as well as very relatable lyrics. The single “Dark Porcelain” features some great guitar riffs, punk-pop melodies, and energetic lyrics that trip you up, but the single closes with a peaceful lingering outro. “Demon Dealer” is a masterpiece! The mix of lyrics, conflicting feelings, music, and vocals is outstanding. With “Devil Face,” enter a darker mood and a faster tempo to better understand how this relationship is impossible, with the girl’s unconditional devotion and the boy’s refusal to embrace his devilish truth. “Dirty little lips” has a hard rock feel to it, with a touch of metal. “U Cry” features more delicate music and vocals with R&B vibes, evoking mixed emotions of sorrow and optimism. Another track having smooth melodies with the slow beated guitar and the touching vocals and sad sensations in “The Runaways”. The album title “Vampire In Chicago” has more R&B vibes with the conflicts of mind and the battle with the demons. With its great vocal abilities, dark tone, and driving instrumental, “Witches” is the perfect option to round out the album because it includes numerous metaphors illustrating the struggle, completing the tale with a better grasp of what’s behind it.

To pull off over a hundred tracks, six albums, and an extraordinary footprint, it takes a true musician, one who can leave his mark on each song. He has been truly “Marked since day 1” by not only by facial birthmark, but also with genuine talent.


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Viola Karmy


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