Timothy Aguero

The band Dime Nineteen released their new single “Valhalla”. Hailing from the state of great rock musicians and the homeland of grunge, Seattle-based Dime Nineteen did not go easy on us with this single. 

First thing you notice when you hear the song is the banging drums, with drum fills that are just so outstanding, you’d think John Bonham was reincarnated! Throughout the whole song, you will hear a very funky keyboard playing, really bringing the song together! The song is both classic but also funky and fresh, which I love. The chorus is harmonious and almost angelic, with 2 vocals singing instead of 1.

 To tie this whole thing together at the end, they added a kicking guitar solo to end things on a good (nay, amazing!) note. Overall, I think this song, (in addition to Dime Nineteen’s cover of Pink Floyd’s wish you were here) will really put this Seattle band on the map, and on the road to compete with other Seattle greats!


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