The Norwegian mariachi rolls in the singles for his fourth studio album in style with the jangly and colorful early summer hit ‘Vacation’.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Vendetta is a singer and songwriter who’s lovingly not your typical Norwegian guy, which shows quite clearly in his music. Vendetta’s love for a litany of musical genres made his music become a meeting point for styles and sounds.

Let’s take his latest single into consideration. ‘Vacation’ is twangy and loud. The drums are charming and vintage-sounding, but not as vintage as the warm and characterful upright piano that forms the core of the song. Robert’s charismatic yells make him sound like a charismatic salesman from the 50s, and in case by now you have not yet understood that the song sounds all retro-inspired, it might help telling you that Robert Vendetta calls this sound retro-pop, and it’s a new sound that he’s proudly heralding as a producer, songwriter, and artist. 

Vacation is a warm and characterful release that has gotten us all excited for Vendetta’s upcoming studio album. If all of the songs on that are as colorfully written and produced as Vacation, then you can consider us big fans from now.