MARLOW is a project headed by Eastbourne singer, songwriter and model, Freddie Marlow. Creating a sonic world which is purely about a feeling, the music speaks from the depths of his heart and is delivered with a hint of mystique. Although led by Freddie, MARLOW is still a completely collaborative effort, with a band of musicians made up of Angus (Guitar), Seb (Bass), Archie (Synth) and Liam (Drums) who work closely alongside Freddie on everything. Together MARLOW sucks listeners in through a dynamic surge and zesty, modern approach. With an infectious alt, pop rock sound and emotional, heartfelt lyrics, MARLOW provides you with a soundtrack to help get through the ups and downs of life, alleviate sadness and reflect on everything we experience as humans.

Off of the upcoming EP, Home, due later this year, MARLOW unveils “Over”. A hugely uplifting song that aims to paint a picture of someone trying to hold on to something/someone too tight and hoping the other doesn’t let go. “Over” features an incredibly catchy chorus and inspiring atmosphere. “It’s a plea to another to hold on,” confides Freddie. The single is also accompanied by an ingenious video directed by William Pope.

Offering some backstory to this track, Freddie explains, “This song was inspired by real events in my relationship/relationships. There are times when communication breaks down and I feel like at any moment the other person may fall through my hands. In the verses I’ve tried to paint the picture of myself looking at someone and searching for all the things I would like to say, but as I try to say them I feel as if my hands are tied. It’s not a depressing song, it’s uplifting and the pounding drums and shiny synths reflect the fight. The simplistic lyrics will allow the listener to think, reflect and feel.”

Also off of the EP is “I’m Not Leaving”, a song which shimmers with an echoing guitar line, warm, emotional vocals and a driving, uplifting chorus. Emphasising the importance of being there for the one you love, Freddie shares, “This track was inspired by my girlfriend going through a tough time. It’s basically me saying, ‘I’m here for you no matter what'”.

Speaking further on his writing process, Freddie reveals, “I’m heavily inspired by emotional moments in film and TV. I try to visualise all of my songs as though they are being played behind an emotional scene (sad, happy or dramatic) in a movie or TV show. I’m also inspired by relationships; in particular my own, and enjoy writing emotionally driven songs that describe my feelings toward a situation”.

MARLOW has had the privilege of performing at The Isle of Wight Festival and has also received support from the likes of Wonderland Magazine and Earmilk, as well as national radio play on John Kennedy ́s Radio X show. They will be returning to The Isle of Wight Festival River Stage this year. With the upcoming release of the highly anticipated EP, as well as a headline show at The Old Blue Last in London on May 19th, 2023 is set to be an exciting year for MARLOW.