Jo Quilty

Some people fantasize about falling in love, while others are terrified of the prospect. It’s difficult to be vulnerable, to let your guard down, to be happy and not know whether it will last. If you’re that type of person, “Until I Met U,” Ettie’s latest single, will speak to you. And hopefully, one day, you’ll be able to relate to the happiness of meeting someone yourself.

Ettie is an extraordinary artist based in London. As an English Literature graduate, she surely knows her way around words, telling a story with a mix of fun and sincerity. “Until I Met U” gives the vibe of a 00’s breezy, love song with Pop-Punk. It’s reminiscent of Avril Lavigne; solid, playful, grungy, Pop-Punk, but it’s genuine, and Ettie has her own signature.

They say that love can conquer all, but can it conquer a mindset that only believes in darkness and people leaving? The single’s expressive, poetic, and relatable lyrics depict what it’s like to have commitment issues and fear of people letting you down, but that one day you’ll meet someone who will erase all your insecurities and bad past experiences. It was co-written with pop mastermind Steven Chase (BMI), and they were able to make it catchy, touching, and lighthearted. The amazing production was by Jennings Couch.

It may shine a light on the locks you’ve used to secure your heart, so it can’t be hurt, but it’s not a gloomy one! The thrilling electric guitar grooves, dynamic drums, and energetic sounds will have you dancing all over the place. Moreover, it’s the kind of story that ends very well because, in the end, you’ll find someone to say to, “I wasn’t living like that “Until I Met U.”