The US-based musician, Kevin Whitaker, is driving the energy train and he’s taking us on board. He released his single, “Unpredictable Love,” a few days ago, giving us the most dynamic summer love song.

“Unpredictable Love” is highly addictive, once you play it, you’ll put it on repeat, adding it to your party’s playlist, and has a positive push on believing in that fate and circumstances will combine you with your love.

Not only is love unpredictable, but also how this single progress is unpredictable, and that’s part of its beauty. The intro is soothing and a little dark, with some dreamy vibes. Once the vocals enter, it hits another level, turning from dark to extremely dynamic. Kevin’s voice is raspy, lusty, has a great timbre, and is as intense as the beat.

You won’t be able to hear and still standing motionless. You must keep up with the bouncing, evocative pace. The remarkable combination of rock, dream pop, and new wave, along with basic 80’s feelings, culminates in a one-of-a-kind atmospheric sound. The composition, arrangement, and production are all mastered and working to hook the listener’s ear.

It’s not just an upbeat melody to jam with, it’s a love song that’s breaking away from the stereotyped ballad ones. It tells us we can find love at the most unexpected time and place, and that, unpredictably, love will grab you on its way.

You do not have to force love; just wait for it and it will come unpredictably. Kevin Whitaker has made a unique single to tell you so, and whatever your mood is, “Unpredictable Love,” below, will be a great fit.