Philipp Schardt is a German artist who has been writing and producing for other artists for the past 20 years. He’s a multi platinum songwriter and has received great recognition for his mastermind skills and visionary approach. After searching for years for the sound that satisfies his soul and speaks to it, he decided to write his music and that’s when the “TEMPLEMIND” project came to life. His project aims to “connect people and themselves”, he conducted studies on sound healing frequencies, fixing the alternative rock music on 432HZ which aims to motivate and inspire the listeners. He released his first debut ‘Union Divine’ which was co-written by Shani Lehrer. It’s essentially a love song, but you won’t catch that the first time you listen to it because of the sound’s challenging and moving nature with a hint of darkness. The song is about hope and not giving up even if your heart was broken. It’s about learning to stay true to yourself and never stop trusting, but mostly it’s about searching for meaning in what we do and connecting with ourselves through pursuing our passion and not letting go of it. The sound is not fresh, it has the structure of an alternative rock song with such style, but it’s catchy and rich in its texture, its timbre is vibrant and leaves a mark. The music was inspired by classical orchestral arrangements, mixing it with bold guitar tunes, deep and alluring vocals, synths, and a very skilled drum line. The artist’s influence is mysterious to me, but I couldn’t help but remember Seether while listening to it. it’s a bold sound that you don’t want to miss.