Using some of the band members’ background in DJing, “UNIFY” definitely brings to mind what Moby and Travis Scott were aiming to do as psychedelic and electronica rock and rap legends respectively. Lyrics are not the main player in “Unify”, but the visuals and the experimental air through which band members release their full power are what makes this track unique and eclectic. On their website, the band has a visionary art portal, displaying various digital art pieces from diverse artists that enhance the visionary feel of the band’s thematic artistry. In “Unify”, the drumming style is especially worth a shoutout for being bold, experimental, and thrashy without being too aggressive. This brings back to mind the laid-back, later-career Lars Ulrich’s work with Metallica.
With their debut album to be released soon, Sub:Om has a lot to offer with their experimentation, their darkness, and their visual style. They are the kind of attentive artists that solidify the whole experience while containing the enormity of the creative process. “Unify” might be the first single that they release from the debut album “Back to the Source”, but it’s only the crack in the wall before the whole creative juices tactfully flow. 

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Jaylan Salah


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