Nicholas O’Donnell

Understand that it is a debut song from a veteran band. WESSON released their first track named just like that, ‘Understand’.

WESSON’s organic approach to songwriting allows their music to be honest and identifiable: “We hope to inspire others to be honest with their life and not be frightened to be themselves.”

The tune perfectly describes the meaning of Rock. The composition is consistent, resulting in a confident sound. 

The vocals are clear, soft, yet bold and strong to stick to the electric power of the guitar that stars throughout the song. Meanwhile, the lyrics are what WESSON wants them to be, relatable.

Now, moving on to a quick introduction, WESSON is a British Alt/ Rock band founded under their mutual decision to “find like-minded souls who needed music as part of their everyday life and the essence of their being.”

We can bouche that with ‘Understand’. WESSON has proven that they know how to do it the most rockin’ way. We look forward to hearing more from them.