Your body and soul are in for a groovy, rockin’ experience. The new single ‘Underground’ Indie Pop/ Rock by Near Death Experience (NDX) will have your skeleton groove and your soul fly across a meadow of riffy guitars and spirited vocals.

Don’t let the name of the band scare you off. NDX knows what they are doing, and if anything, their name is probably a giveaway about how their music is out of this world.

A “​​Rock’n’soul adventure where the beats get hot when the sun goes down.” –NDX.

The song’s structure adds different texture elements and combines many genres that surprise the ear while keeping it very swingy. For example, there is even a mariachi-like moment starting from around the 2:10-minute of the song.

The vocals are stirring, skilled and engaging. The way the singer interacts with the flow of the melody invites the listeners to join in and sing along.

Moreover, the arrangement of the music showcases an obvious skilful set of artists behind the instruments being played.

‘Underground’ is a song to play on a road trip, while at work or during any situation where you need an uplifting tune to shake you off the chair, sing loud and proud, and tap your feet.

After happily playing this song on replay several times, we can confirm that with this tune, NDX has proclaimed a new music genre: subterranean swing!