A very rich project, resulting from years of experience, beautiful connections and friendships and passion. Jussi Vuola has been contributing a lot in the music industry in Finland since 2010. He picked up the drums during his teenage years and played with several Finnish bands like The Grammers, Mytons, Willie & The Goodsouls and Achiote. In 2010 he set up an analog recording studio in Turku where it has become a home for a lot of acts in Finland. With over a hundred performances touring internationally with other musicians and bands, over hundred productions he has taken part of and over ten albums he played on, Jussi decided that it was time for him to do something on his own, stepping down from stage life and releasing a song with his name on it. 

‘Under Above Orion Venus Loves’ is the first single release from his upcoming album to be released this year. The artist grew up on the likes of Pink Floyd and Led zeppelin, who helped him shape his music and direction. It’s a psychedelic rock genre, so the music doesn’t have highs or lows, no different themes. The concept of the song is focused on chanting and recitative; the recitation of poetry through music, the lyrics are very deep and poetic in its nature. All music, lyrics, instruments, and production are done by the Vuola himself in V. R. studio, recording by Jori Saloranta & Vuola as well. Mixing by Jaime Gomez Arellano from Orgone Studios, mastering by Svante Forsbäck and tape operation by Joel Kinnunen. 

The music video directed, edited, and filmed by Jan Trygg, is simple, with just the artist himself singing with a nature inspired background done by graphic designer, Keir Cornelius. The catering and food are done by the family members Leila & Mauri Vuola who clearly support Jussi. 


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