While the world went on hiatus in March 2020, guitarist Alex Schrock decided to unleash his creativity and kickstarted his project, Vision Swords. Building upon the sound of his first record Next Awakening, Vision Swords dropped the new single Ultra Instinct, creating a sonic experience that’ll directly get into your playlist. Let me tell you more about it. 

Ultra Instinct storms in with an enjoyable rollercoaster riff that drags you right into the mood, it gets moving instantly forward with a pounding pace and fluid melodies towards a faster, more complex big sound. It has remarkable layering, with each section boosting the dynamics while building up to the next, where a new melody or element is introduced powerfully contributing to such a multi-layered structure. Ultra Instinct has a full-of-life extremely dynamic structure with sharp twists and turns that keep the listeners at the edge of their seats, using diverse riff techniques and sounds that are fully mixed and blended with the guitar melodies, effects, and that beautifully emotional electric cello section that sent shivers off my back taking us to a mellow smooth outro. 

 Ultra Instinct is a perfect demonstration of Vision Swords’  Alex Schrock’s musicianship and amazing writing skills, as he carefully and cleverly steered all those everchanging and evolving layers of riffs and melodies to fulfill his vision, showing a great sense of melody and well-knowledge of his sound and direction. Looking forward to more from Vision Swords, keep on rocking. Cheers!