Bill Greenberg’s latest endeavor is an intimately warm acoustic song that laments war-torn Ukraine with stirring words, an inspired vocal delivery, and a touching acoustic performance.

New York based musician Bill Greenberg has been playing guitar since he was 9, and with multiple tours under his belt, we can safely say that Greenberg is no rookie. Indeed, his sensual touch on the guitar is soft and intricately percussive, hallmarks for a player in tune with his sensitive and delicate acoustic guitar. On ‘Ukraine’ Greenberg is envisioning the struggle from the point of view of a Ukrainian soldier standing in the face of Russian special ops, sacrificing everything for the survival of their homeland. A touching notion no doubt, and a stance that we can all wholeheartedly agree with.

It might have been more fitting if this gorgeous piece of music was written in solidarity with war-torn peoples all around the world, as there are others who deserve this spot of warmth and support just as much. Regardless, Bill Greenberg’s ‘Ukraine’ is sweet, and its sweetness lies in its serene simplicity and it’s striking honesty.