Seldom do I come across an artist who can blend various styles from different bands/artists in a unique manner, while infusing it with their distinctive character. This is precisely what I mean by Lauri Jarvilehto’s latest single, “Typhoon,” from his upcoming album “Songs About Sadness,” set to be released in 2024.

Since a young age, Finland has been a significant source of musical inspiration for me. It all started in high school when I discovered a tape featuring the iconic metal band Stratovarius. This led me to explore other bands like HIM, Nightwish, and Children of Bodom, among many more. Lauri Jarvilehto, a renowned musician and a father of five, not only excels in music but also dabbles in writing and philosophy. His ability to juggle multiple roles is truly impressive! I was captivated by the storytelling rock style with experimental influences in the track ‘Typhoon’ by Typhoon. The idea for this track was conceived during a plane journey to Lagos, Nigeria, armed with an OP-1 and an SP404mk2. Overcoming challenges with programmed drums, Lauri Jarvilehto performed live on drums, bass, and guitar in the studio. The song was mixed internally and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright.

The energetic indie rock tones mixed with electro-pop influences convey the message of the song, which focuses on “Typhoon is a song about overcoming your difficulties in life,” as described by Lauri Jarvilehto. This track serves as the lead single from his upcoming album Songs About Sadness, set for release later this year. Be sure to give it a listen and experience its amazing vibes!