Ruiners is a Houston-based punk rock band. “Typecast” is their upcoming album which will be released on Tuesday, September 4,2018 via Geodesic Records and produced by aCr.

The album reminds me of the raw punkish sound that we miss these days, it includes 9 tracks. I noticed that the first three tracks “No”, “Swipe” and “Khandaan” were easy to listen, fast and to the point, and I like really their melodic sound combined with the post-punk elements but really this goes for the whole album too. “Raptor” and “Liquid” weren’t my style that much but I liked their variety. When I checked “Vice” what caught my ears is the guitar lines mainly with the drumming style and I could see that they served the vocals very well. “Outside” was their choice for a music video which is really amazing.

Well, it’s my first to notice that an instrumental track for a punk group. The song title “Nafrat” which derived from Urdu language. “Nafrat, is based on the many tragic events that occurred during the writing process for the album. The sound collage and music create a visceral emotional response upon listening. In Urdu, Nafrat translates to hate, which is at the root of these unfortunate events, but the music and sounds ultimately try to elevate above the sickening feelings that come from those tragedies.” – Ruiners explained. The song concept is marvelous also the music but I didn’t like the mixing and mastering really, because the music couldn’t be heard very well.

“Typecast” will be the band first release on vinyl as well as their first release with Geodesic Records.