Los Angeles-based Bad Ass Beauty just released a new high-octane rock song titled “Typecast”…get ready for this wild ride…

LaQuinta Prince, a.k.a. Bad Ass Beauty soars vocally through the sonic world of “Typecast”…an absolute wild ride with very catchy and very heavy guitar riffs…and monstrous drum lines.

From the first seconds of “Typecase” you get hooked and energized with the kick-the-door-down intro and the melodic nature of the guitar riffs and synchronized drum fills.

LaQuinta’s vocals soar from the first second to the last one…her R&B background is very charismatic and influences the genre bending fusion of R&B and heavy rock.

The backing vocal lines adds to the experience, sucks us in deeper and  adds to the huge sound of the song…

…and let’s not forget, what’s a heavy rock song without a guitar solo? get ready for an epic solo here, you’ll not be disappointed.

This song is for anyone who wants a boost of energy to give them the opportunity to express themselves by releasing energy too.

LaQuinta managed to bring together two of the most successful and emotionally charged genres together in one song, an epic experience that is sure to shake up your day and your eardrum…simply blowing us away with its emotional energy.

“Typecast” is a highly recommended musical experience and we wish all the best to LaQuinta…we can’t wait to see what she unleashes unto the world next.