The Nashville, Tennessee-based artist, Ainsley Costello’s latest single, “Type,” is an anthemic hybrid pop/rock song that captures the romantic dilemma of falling into the same patterns as partners, or more rather, they are magnetized to you.

Ainsley Costello is a prolific artist, and although she’s only eighteen years old, “Type” is her twenty-fourth release. She’s been pursuing her musical dream since she bought her first guitar at the age of seven. She’s not only a promising star because of her productivity but also because of her coherent talent and signature sound.

“Type” is subtle for Gen Z, with its catchy hooks, electrifying rhythm, and blazing vocal performance. Moreover, millennials would dig the fiery rock/punk vibe. Anyway, the song is relevant to any age that came across carbonized versions and got the reputation that this is their type. The amusing lyricism and Ainsley’s ardent performance convey it all.

Ainsley resembles a cross between Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne. Her voice has a compelling punky attitude yet a country-leaning tone. She’s delivering the song in a playful, enthusiastic manner. Her vocal range and capacity to vary between delicacy and solidity, though, are discernible.

The song, destined to be a smash hit, was written by Ainsley Costello and Ryland Fisher, produced by Zachary Manno, and recorded at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN. All of the elements work together to make it addictive and irresistible, whether it’s your type or not.

A funny, stylish cartoon music video doubles the entertainment of the single. It features a fluid narrative that showcases the vocal performance and the lyrics.

It’s more of a summery song, but surely it will elate your spirit despite the season you’re playing in.